Live Prospectus - by the people who know us best, our students

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5 Law school tips and a latte ☕️ . Want to go to law school? Here are the things that you may be considering: . 1- but I’ll be a mature student? Yes, but you’ll be more focused. . 2- Should I study and work? If you can stay on top of your work, then go for it. If there is a gap in your CV/resume, look for legal experience and non-legal. . 3- I’m not smart enough? I feel like this too. An HR manager at a law firm once said that anyone can be taught to become a lawyer. . 4-Should I become a lawyer because it’ll make me rich? NO! What you should be asking yourself here, is “would I enjoy being a lawyer?”. Enjoying your job is the goal. . 5-Are students competitive at law school? It depends on the university you go to. You will fit in and find a group that you work well with. . #lawschoollife #law #unioflaw #lpc #studentlife #lawandlatte #lawschool #lawstudent

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