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✨How I am preparing for my LPC wills exam?✨ Preparation is Key! ◆ I have tabbed each chapter along the top of the book. ◆Down the side of the book I have tabbed more specific paragraphs which include key information within each chapter. I have highlighted the key information in the textbook. ◆I will use my textbook to help me revise using the SYNAP portal. This has practice MCQ questions for us to test our knowledge and practice before the exam. This will save me time in the exam as I can just turn to the correct page I need! The wills exam is a 2 hour open book containing 20 Multiple Choice questions! As I am a part time student my exam is taking place on Saturday morning! #LPC #lpchometogether #ULaw #ULawstudents #lpcnotes #lpcrevision #postgraduate #law #legalpracticecourse #lawstudent

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