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~ WHO INSPIRES ME~ My inspiration of law came from a US legal sitcom, long before Suits or Better Call Saul, (shout out to the OG legal sitcom Ally McBeal) it came from a character played by Lucy Liu. I still to this day remember, the exact scene that made me turn around to my mum and say “I want to go into law”. This sitcom was well ahead of its time, it focused on a female lawyer who kicked it in a very male dominated law firm in New York, she was strong, fierce and supportive of her female co-workers! Everything I aspire to be! Law in itself is already competitive enough, so all of us legal queens really need to support each other! ——————————— The scene was so powerful it resonated with me for years after, and here I am studying my LPC! ——————————— If this isn’t proof that representation matters, I don’t know what will! #Uinspire #law #legal #lawyer #lawfirms #londonlaw #futurelawyer #womeninlaw #lawgram #ulaw #lpc #paralegal #studygram #competition

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