Live Prospectus - by the people who know us best, our students

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•Organisation• One of the best ways to start off the academic year is to get yourself organised. To begin with, I get new folders for each of my forthcoming topics for the year and fill them with plastic folders and section dividers. For the section dividers I separate them into workshop (lectures) notes, assessments, essays and revision. This helps a lot throughout the year to keep on track and reduce stress levels around exam time. Secondly, I sort out my stationary as I already have too much I’ve tried to limit buying more😭(bit of a stationary addict😂) and rather just buy the essentials. If you’re getting stationary from scratch for a fresh start I will be posting my recommendations on my next post for those of you who are interested. Thirdly, organise your bag. I normally organise this a few days before and I double check the night before my first day (just to make sure I have everything I need). I pack the following: •Pencil case •notebook •laptop •folders for timetabled subjects •lunch will be packed in the morning Let me know if this was helpful to any of you and if you have any requests or questions for me to answer on future posts. -Demi🥰 #uni #unioflaw #law #study #organisation #tips #student #studymotivation

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