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🪴 I got a Training Contract! 🪴 For people that know me personally, this is old news, but I haven’t announced it properly on this account yet! Last month I accepted an offer for a Training Contract with a Top 100 Firm to start in September 2022! This was my first cycle of applications, because through undergraduate the whole application process was very overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start! I spent a lot of time during the first lockdown researching firms and pinning down exactly what I wanted from my legal career. This narrowed down the number of applications I was going to make over the next 12 months. I was extremely fortunate, and the third application I made was the lucky number 3! One of the biggest helps I had in the application process was the ULaw employability service. I was able to send in my application form draft and one of the careers advisors spent half an hour breaking down my answers over the phone. They also re-read my final draft before I sent it off! When I was invited to interview I booked a session with an advisor again, and told her that it was my first interview and I was really nervous! She spent the half an hour we had scheduled going through some common interview questions with me, and found space in her afternoon for me to have a full mock interview with her! It really helped calm my nerves and prepared me for anything the interview panel could throw at me! I’m so excited to be able to say I’m a Future Trainee Solicitor and I can’t wait to start on the final step of the journey to becoming a solicitor! . . . #legalpracticecourse #lpc #law #lawstudent #lawstudygram #studygram #studying #studyspo #studymotivation #studyblr #student #unistudent #uni #university #universityoflaw #ulaw #trainingcontract #futuretraineesolicitor

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