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🪴 Let’s Talk Tabbing 🪴 Something that I totally underestimated the importance of at the start of the LPC was the tabbing. I have changed the tabs and stickies on these poor books 4 times before I found a method that was useful to me in the exam. 🌱 Tabbing Method - I like to divide my book along the top with big stickies. This makes it really easy to find a topic quickly, and they correspond with the sections of my folders, which makes cross referencing much easier. On the bit of the stickie that is hidden inside the book, I make a note of the smaller sections that I have tabbed. Along the side, in a colour that matches the big stickie, I sub-divide the topic into smaller bits of key information. 🌱 Tabbing Essentials - Plastic Tabs! I cannot stress how much better plastic tabs are than paper tabs. There is nothing worse than grabbing a paper tab, trying to turn to the page, and it ripping off. My favourite tabs come in a pack of 980 for £6.99 on Amazon. Super sturdy, they don’t bend, and they come in lots of colours for helpful colour coding. To write on the plastic I find a super fine tip Sharpie useful, because some of my other pens tend to rub off the shiny surface. For the top tabs, I found that paper stickies worked okay because their size made them a lot sturdier. Thank you very much to bostonrosew14 for the idea for this post! Legallypossible has also done a super helpful post on tabbing her LPC textbooks! This is definitely not the only way to tab your books, the best way is to find a method that works for you. Let me know your top tabbing tips! . . . #tabbing #tabs #stickynotes #stickies #postitnotes #lpc #legalpracticecourse #legalpractice #masters #llm #llb #law #lawstudent #lawstudents #study #studygram #studying #studyspo #university #universityoflaw #ulaw #stationary #books #textbooks #legalblogger

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