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🐰// Good evening honeybees and happy Easter! Hope you’ve all had plenty of chocolate and treats (I’ve gone through two Easter eggs in one seating... Whoops!🤭). I strangely got a burst of motivation to do a bit of Private Client prep reading for when I’m back online for university and I’m really feeling the next workshop! It’s about Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs and EPAs). It’s rather interesting and I think it helps that I actually work in the Court of Protection department and actually create annual reports for clients who have an attorney or deputy appointed. One of my many tasks in the team is to prepare reports on P’s (the individual who has lost or is losing mental capacity) finances and help allocate budgets for the next year. And the court does look through them! It’s helping me understand the department more and to be honest, and it’s definitely one of the laws I wouldn’t mind specialising in (whether paralegal level or as a solicitor!). I’ve had a pretty chilled day otherwise. I’m looking forward to tomorrow as I’m meeting and catching up with an old friend. Hopefully if the weather is nice, we can go for a picnic and natter! If you’re also really observant, you may see on the pictures a recipe of a three tiered cake I’m planning on making next weekend. It’s a lemon and raspberry cake. I’ve never mind it before but honestly love baking things that I’ve never done before (Let along not taste tester before!). I’m hoping it’ll go well!🍋 Enjoy your evening everyone! Let’s hope the sun will be shining tomorrow again! #law #privateclient #lawyer #paralegal #traineesolicitor #lpcllm #courtofprotection #COPdepartment #lawfirm #lawschool #lawstudent #ulaw #universityoflaw #lawblog #studyblr #studygram #lawstudygram #lpcllm #postgrad #undergrad #lawdegree #studyspace #stationery #fairylights #easter #weekend #baking #universitystudent #stickynotes #notepad #exams

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