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Good morning 🌻 - I'm really sorry I have been MIA, however I felt I needed to be fully focus on both of my exams from last week( m&a and public) - Without a doubt the hardest exam (public companies) I've had to sit and adjusting to online exams has definitely added an additional challenge into an already stressful time. - I'm very happy to be done with two exams. I took the weekend off and I'm fully recharge now to study for my advance real estate next week and to complete my MSc case study for next Friday. - I'm looking forward to finishing my LPC and get back into sharing my experiences with all of you. - If you are still taking exams or online classes, you are not alone. We can do this 😎 #lpc #ulaw #studying #hardwork #examseason #mentalhealth #workshops #exams #lawyertobe #aspiringsolicitor

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