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Good Morning. Hope you are having a wonderful start to the week😊❤ As I'm preparing for my first workshops for the LPC tomorrow. I've been thinking of what type of learner I am. I'm a mixture between a visual and kinesthetic learner. This means that I learned best when information is presented to me visually and also when I can applied/ experience the concepts taught. This week I have my workshops on interview, advising and drafting. So in addition of doing the reading and taking notes. I am also watching videos that show examples on how to properly conduct an interview and advise. How do you learn? Are you a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner? #studygram #studygrammer #studyblog #studycommunity #aspiringsolicitor #lawyertobe #lawtina #lpc #Liveprospectus #ulaw #studywithme

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