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Hi everyone! I thought I would do a post introducing myself! I’m 26 and currently studying the Bar Practice Course at u_law. I always knew I wanted to become a Barrister but I did my Undergraduate Degree in Business IT (yep that means I can build a website from scratch) and then spent 2 years working in marketing with some insanely cool brands. I went back to University and did the MA Law Conversion Course with u_law. The MA Law Course is essentially the GDL but with a dissertation and extra work added on so you get a Masters Degree from it. From there I decided to go straight onto the BPC and here I am. You’ll find me sharing about my journey to becoming a barrister and much more ☺️! #studygram #studywithme #barschool #barcourse #lawstudent #lawschool #lawschoollife #lawstudentsofinstagram #aspiringbarrister #futurebarrister #ulaw #ulawbloomsbury

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