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Spent the day at the u_law London Bloomsbury campus library preparing for my first Civil Litigation and Civil Skills and Advocacy workshops which are later on this week. I’m making sure all of my notes contain everything we are told could be examinable in the final BPC exams including all relevant paragraphs and rules from the Blackstone’s Criminal Practice Book and the White Books 📚 P.S the Dory the Fish 🐠 sticker was given to my MA Law class when we were drowning in EU Law lessons last December and our lecturer told us to “just keep swimming” and so I’m living by that phrase throughout this course as well🙏🏻 #studygram #studynotes #studywithme #lawstudent #lawstudentlife #lawstudy #lawstudentsofinstagram #aspiringbarrister #futurebarrister #ulaw #ulawbloomsbury

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