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✨MOOD: Currently drowning in revision✨ Exams are next week and with the days going quicker than ever now, I thought I would share some last minute revision tips! 🌻Don’t compare your work or revision to anyone else’s. Everyone revises / learns differently so focus on your own revision and don’t let anyone else distract you or worry you. 🌻Go over any consolidation lectures or exam guidance that has been provided for you. Try and familiarise yourself with the layout of the exam and the topics that the university have specified that you focus on! 🌻Make sure you know where all your materials are, should get stuck on a question. Make sure your notes are clear and accessible and your textbook is tabbed effectively. 🌻Anything you are still struggling to understand dedicate some time to and use all resources around you! Read over your textbooks, listen back over recorded workshops, attempt the workshops tasks/ exam questions, email your tutor, speak to your peers... 🌻Look over your mock feedback, know where you need to improve and also what you did correctly! Make sure you have sample answers that you can refer to if a similar question comes up in the exam. 🌻An obvious one but attempt any specimen exams or practice exams you have been provided with. You could try and do it in timed conditions or go at your own pace. Mark it afterwards and see how you did! ✔️ 🌻Know and acknowledge that you’re never going to feel 100% ready but believe in yourself and all the hard work you’ve put in. Try your very best and give yourself credit for how far you’ve come! We’ve got this🤞🏼 #ulaw #examseason #examperiod #lawexams #lastminuterevision #revisiontips #onlineexams #lawschool

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