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Day 2 of the legalcheek Virtual Vacation Scheme✌🏼Today’s first talk focused on life as a debt finance lawyer (who I bet are making plenty of dollar right now due to Covid🤑) and then we had a talk from four different legal technologists. If I’m being honest, legal tech isn’t really something I know much about, neither is technology in general😂 but as technology is becoming increasingly prominent in law via things like fintech and Al systems, it was interesting to hear from people who are really clued up on how and why these work and also how they ended up specialising in such a niche area. I feel inspired to learn more about legal technology now, so watch this space😅 #law #aspiringlawyer #aspiringsolicitor #legalcheek #virtualvacscheme #virtualvacationscheme #womeninlaw #like #follow #universityoflaw #virtuallegalcheek

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