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Instagram shot by thelawgirl

Calling all fellow caffeine addicts.... ☕️ I have recently switching my normal coffee for matcha 🍵 the healthy caffeine alternative. And I’m obsessed! Got to admit, the taste isn’t for everyone but I’d definitely recommend trying it first. You can have it hot, cold and, even as a latte! Especially with those early morning lectures and late night study sessions, I’ve found it performs the same as coffee but without the usual dip. Plus... it has sooo many health benefits; - Boosts energy and endurance - High in antioxidants - Benefits cognitive and emotional health - Promotes healthy skin and teeth - Promotes weight loss - Reduces stress levels - Naturally detoxifies your body The list goes on .... #matcha#law#lawyer#lawgirl#lawstudent#uni#ulaw#university#unistudent#bossbabe #studentlife

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