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Sitting down with a hot drink and getting enthralled into the world of #atticusfinch in To Kill A Mockingbird. Yes, Atticus is inspiring because on the face of things he is a model of courage and decency to which the legal profession should aspire. And yes, because he uses the legal system to enforce the basic concept of equality before the law. And yes, because Atticus introduces such notions to high school children, reading this book for the first time. But for me, Atticus is inspiring because he is not the role model we idolise at that age, but a contestable legacy that epitomises the product of his time, a metaphor for the law itself - it doesn’t always get it right, it is always subject to reform and it is limited by social-temporal restraints, but it will always strive to promote the pursuit of justice and the quest for truth, which is my inspiration for pursuing the practice of law #Uinspire #london u_law

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