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*soppy post alert! Today i joined an elite club. Today I became part of the prestigious history of this great university. Today I am proudly able to place my name alongside some of the great minds that have conquered before me. Trying to put into words how much support and love my family and friends have given me through the last X amount of years would only do them a disservice. I hit rock bottom, smashed through that and kept consistently finding new lows after new lows. I suffered with severe depression, crippling anxiety and a mindset that thought the world owed me something. It didn’t matter how low I got, how poorly I treated them and how angry I reacted to their help, they stuck by me. 2019 has consequently become the best year of my life, thanks to the support network around me. Together, we have achieved so much. They let me know it was ok to feel hurt, it was ok to feel angry and it was ok to be in pain. I owe all my thanks to them for saving my life. They are my inspiration. • • As I have moved forward this year, I have taken inspiration from not only my loved ones, but from those I see daily, persevering, against all the odds. It inspires me to embrace failure as I do success, to embrace change as I do stability and most importantly embrace opinions and beliefs even if they aren’t similar to my own. I will never let my mental health run my life ever again, because I am inspired to be the best version of myself I can be. If you are reading this, then you inspire me to be better, and I cannot thank you enough. Be the best version of you, if you want something enough, you can have it, it’s yours. Your inspiration is limitless and your success is unrivalled. Big love. T x. • • thelifestyleprincess u_law #Uinspire #london #law #graduation #graduate #legal #inspiration #mentalhealth #happy #cute #instagood #instagram #love #family #friends #support #gym #instadaily #tbt #photooftheday #proud #positivevibes #smile #likeforfollow #likeforlikes #follow #strong #instapic #writersofinstagram #thankful

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