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Today was important for so many reasons. 3 years ago my son was able to witness me walk the stage and receive my LLM and today he was joined with my daughter. Whatever path my children decide to go down, I hope that they will look at my journey and know that all things are possible, deapite the route they take or the obstacles they meet along the way. It's not been easy and the journey is far from over but the love and encouragement I have had from my family, my partner and my bestie is truly the foundation to my achievements.... One day I'll share my story but for now I'll eat cake. A massive congratulations to me, and all the mothers/women out there who are bossing in every way possible. WE ARE ENOUGH! #bossmum #lawgrad #graduate #graduation #knowledgeispower #law #classof2018 #motheranddaughter #proudmoment #celebration #LPC #ULAWGRAD2018 #postgrad

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