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Sometimes you need a little help from babysitter David Attenborough! 🦒 🐠 🌎 My little sprout absolutely loves David Attenborough (who doesn’t?!) so it’s nice to settle him down when he’s feeling cranky. Today I’m at the pre-exam stage where I feel totally unprepared but also completely unable to determine what I need to cover in order to feel prepared. It’s a really tough stage and I think most students go through it at some stage before exams. During my land course, we were regularly told you’d have a “land moment” where it all fits together. I’m not quite sure whether I’ve had that or not. I think I understand the content, but I don’t think I understand the system - at this stage, I’m hoping the system is illogical! I guess I’ll just keep trying to figure out what I need to do... #davidattenborough #fish #futurevet #documentaries #savetheplanet #motheringlaw #motherinlaw #motherhood #exams #studentparent #futurelawyer #aspiringsolicitor #legal #ulaw #masters

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