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I am not sure if I could achieve that much if I wasn’t a mum (even if a word “mum” still sounds very strange to me) One of my qualified friends was giving a talk at our University and was approached by a first year student afterwards asking for an advice on “how to shine if she has got 3 children”. I got pregnant only six month after obtaining my first degree at the age of 21 and had Nicholas when I was 22. Nobody believes me now when I say I was extremely quiet and shy in my teens and early 20s. However, it’s true and becoming a mother for some reason gave me that extra confidence boost. There was also another reason but I feel it deserves a separate recognition. To those of you who have children and are in the process of getting your first degree or looking for a first job, don’t think and don’t let others persuade you that child could somehow slow you down. I would say make it work in your favour. For instance, when during my final TC interview I was asked about my prioritisation skills or what do I think others would say about me, I referred to how I had to juggle so many things at once (full time GDL, day job, childcare and extra-curriculum activities) and that people were saying that I still always had a smile on my face. Motherhood is full of milestones, struggles, achievements and both sad and happy tears! The excitement of a securing a training contract with a Top 20 Law Firm was pretty overwhelming. However a full-time postgrad law degree with seven exams and a training contract competition process all in one year on top of a demanding day job was actually easier than raising a human... . . . . . . #lawstudent #lawstudentlife #lawyermum #aspiringsolicitors #aspiringsolicitor #parenthoodandcareer #motherandlaw #happymothersday2020 #devonlife #bestofdevon #britainsoceancity #bestofsouthwest #lawyermum #joysofmotherhood #fulltimeworkingmum #trainingcontract #legaljobs #gdl #lawdegree #ulaw #becomingalawyer #lawschool #lawschoollife

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