Live Prospectus - by the people who know us best, our students

Instagram shot by eloisepeabodyrolf

• Sergeant by Hugo Farmer, Ashton Court • Last week we went to Ashton Court for a lovely walk. We have mainly been going for walks at night when the city centre is less busy, so we were happy to find Ashton Court was very quiet. It was definitely great to go somewhere different en route to pick up our shopping. It's always a beautiful place to visit, and not far away from the city centre. There's so much space to explore, and it is easy to stay off the beaten track! On our walk we came across this powerful sculpture, paired with two more: 'Ohm Boy' and 'Priest', all created by Hugo Farmer. The intention of the pieces was to encourage the general public to be more interested in politics and question various figures of authority. For me, this sculpture in particular reminded me to look at more than just one source, not just the loudest voice, instead finding other opinions to get a more rounded view. #ashtoncourt #bristol #lawstudent #ulaw #liveprospectus #ulawbristol #ulawsma #politicalsculpture #sculpture #art #bristol #explore #bristolexplore visitbristol u_law ashton_court_estate insidebristol

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