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✨ #FABRUARY2021 Day 7 - share your desk setup Ok, it’s different AGAIN! I think my desk setup has changed more times since the start of the LPC than Pearson Hardman changed name partners... 📝 I finally got a whiteboard! I’ve been using it to write my to-do lists, quick mind maps and flowcharts, just generally anything and it’s been such a good purchase (£4 from Wilko🤩) - Laptop stand and wireless keyboard & mouse GAME CHANGER. My neck doesn’t hurt anymore and I have enough space to have my textbook open properly. I didn’t splash out on these things because I wasn’t sure if I’d like the change but I really do! I would really recommend getting a riser and wireless k&m if you don’t already have these, they have transformed my space completely! I always keep my desk tidy and clutter free - with it being in my bedroom I don’t want things out of place so that the space stays as calm and relaxing as possible. What are your study space essentials? Let me know!💫 #fabruary2021 #desksetup #wfh #studygram #studyinspiration #studywithme #legalpracticecourse #lpc #ulaw

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