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Late night study • And so it begins! All folders organised and onto some reading to get ahead. Induction week begins on Monday and I am beginning to get a nervous twitch… #studygram #studymotivation #law #lawschool #lpc #ulaw #universityoflaw #lawyer #younglawyers

LPC LLM ✅ One year ago, I started the LPC with LLM at u_law London Bloomsbury. I’d seen other people on social media proudly juggling what looked like approximately 100 books, binders and notes. How, I wondered, could I possibly do the same?! At the time, I thought I’d never post a photo like this ✨ I’m so relieved and honestly surprised to have graduated with a 67% for the LPC and 85% for the LLM 🤩

Hello new insta account, hello new books, hello new career! ⚖️ How better to use my brand new textbooks (which required a suitcase to transport) than by taking a classic first day pic? 📚 Today was the induction day for the BPC at ULaw, and probably (hopefully!!!!) the last new academic year of studying for me. I can't wait to get stuck in, and if the weight of the books is anything to go by then I'm sure this will be quite the year ✨

LPC ADVICE 📖✍🏻🗂 As the new academic year approaches I thought it would be helpful for incoming and current LPC students to share my advice having recently completed the LPC. The main message I want to get across is that being organised and maintaining a balance with your other commitments is the key to success. The course is demanding and fast-paced but I am confident that these tips along with the right mindset can help you manage it. 📌 save this post for future reference. 🏷 tag a friend who will find this useful. 🗣 let me know what you think of this post and if you would like further LPC related content. • • #lpc #legalpracticecourse #ulaw #law #lawstudent #advice #timemanagement #studying #study #lawblog #legalblog

I’m back! it’s great to return this year as a student associate for the u_law Moorgate Campus. Thankyou again to LexisNexis for the welcome goody box! I will keep this account updated with what I get you too in my role 🙌🏼 #lexisnexis #studentassociate #ruleoflaw #ulaw #lexispsl #lexisplus

I have my books. Can’t wait to start now #LPC #LLM #ULaw

New books have arrived 🤗Second year GDL, let the games begin 📚

and now for my next trick… 👩🏼 🎓 we go again. or really i’m just a sucker for punishment. #masters

It’s been a while!!! So by way of update 🙋🏼 ♀️ I’m half way through my MA Law and I’m taking the next year out to recoup (burn out is verrrryyyy real!! I take my hat off to anyone working and studying it is so hard!!) I’m about 5 months into my first ever legal assistant job, I’ve had stints in Family, Personal Injury, Convey and Probate so far but Family seems to be where my heart is which is so weird considering I said I NEVER wanted to do family🙈 I’ve learnt so much already but I guess the biggest lesson there is never say no because you never know where it might lead you to. Im working at a lovely regional firm, the culture is great and so supportive and every department has allowed me to thrive which is exactly what I wanted. I’ve decided the big city law firm isn’t for me, I love the lakes, I love the people around me and most importantly it’s my home and I think I can have the career and the beauty of living here if I try! I hope everyone is keeping well and looking after themselves, another thing I’ve learn is not to neglect my own well-being for the sake of this career💕 #lawstudent #businessgrad #lawconversion #lawconversion #ulaw #nonlawlawyer #lakeslife #mentalwellness #studygram

First post! Welcoming you all to my legal page! Here I will be posting study inspiration and abit of what I get upto, all whilst studying my LPC LLM at the University of Law, Chester campus🧑🏼 ⚖️ Before officially starting on Monday, I have been organising my study materials into files📚📘🗄 #law #lawschool #lawstudent #university #universityoflaw #ulaw #organization #studygram #studymotivation #studyinspiration #legal #lawyer