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How is it going so far? As I attend UoL part time on every other weekend I have completed units 1&2 of: - ethics and professional conduct - wills and administration - property practice - dispute resolution Part time weekends you are doing 2 units a day. For example, unit 1&2 will be on Saturday of wills and Sunday will be units 1&2 of ethics. I really thought this would be easy whilst working full time but it’s not. I’m tired all the time especially if work has been busy. The reading that you have to do before is very long especially if you are reading online and it is easy for you to be behind. (I recommend buying the books for £250 as we get 50% off at Ulaw so that you can add your own notes at the classes although I have not done this yet🥲). However, if you manage your time well and plan in advance you will be okay. #law #solicitor #sqe #solicitorsqualifyingcourse #aspiringsolictor #lawgraduate #lpc #ulaw

Final law exams - passed ✔️🥳🚣🏼 ♀️

You made me proud!!!!⭐️🎈💕#graduation#university#universityoflaw#bachelorofhonours#lawyer#lawyerlife#parenting#proud#daughterlove#daughter

The perfect event for every aspiring lawyer 🎉 We are glad you enjoyed it 📚 Repost• @faithbrynel On Tuesday I had the opportunity to attend the @legalcheek in person secrets to success Birmingham law event! This featured speakers from @esgloballaw @wearegateley @gowlingwlg @hcrlaw @u_law ! This was a very informative and insightful event and I’m glad to was able to attend in person .. #law #aspiringbarrister #ulaw #legalcheek #event #networking thanks to my dad for dropping and collecting me ahaha love you dad !! Did you see him in the video ? @logosservices ❤️ #parentssupport #thursday #update #faithbrynel #faithbinsights

Trainee solicitors from our Birmingham office are offering free legal advice to charities and small business owners 🙌 The future lawyers sought out the opportunity to partner with u_law on its Small Business Advice Line, becoming one of the first external law firms to do so. Edward Morris, Sophie Warren, Zoe Evans, Manisha Punj and Isabella Andrade offer pro-bono advice on a large variety of corporate and commercial matters in monthly virtual clinics where they are supported by aspiring solicitors from the university 👏 #Shoosmiths #CSR #LawyerLife #LawFirm #LawFirmLife #LawyersOfInstagram #CorporateResponsibility #CorporateSocialResponsibility #ProBono #SmallBusiness #UniversityOfLaw #SmallBusinessMatters #AspiringSolicitor #TraineeSolicitor #Birmingham #BirminghamBusiness

My next steps + a little catch up 💭 It’s been a while since I updated you on my legal journey so here is my little life update (inspired by thelegalnortherner latest post!). After 3 lovely holidays, I’m home for the foreseeable and I’m sure you’ve guessed that I will be moving on to the LPC in September! I’m studying at u_law in Birmingham and I’m excited and nervous. (Send me a message if you’re also studying at the same place, it would be lovely to meet up 💕). I achieved the grades I need for my Training Contract so the LPC is the final stage before I start in September 2023🤩. I will be bringing you all along for the ride and sharing my experiences and I can’t wait! #studygram #lawstudent #unistudent #lpcstudent #ulaw #legalblogger #stationery

This Tuesday I went to legalcheek in person secrets to success law event! This featured slew new from esgloballaw wearegateley gowlingwlg hcrlaw u_law ! This was a very informative and insightful event and I’m glad to was able to attend in person .. #law #aspiringbarrister #ulaw #legalcheek #event #networking thanks to my dad for dropping and collecting me ahaha love you dad !! Did you see him in the video ? logosservices ❤️ #parentssupport #thursday #update #faithbrynel #faithbinsights

I completely forgot to post my graduation pics from ages ago LMAO oops It was an honour to finally graduate from u_law with my LPC LLM ✨ Here’s to (hopefully) never having to do an exam again 🫱🏽 🫲🏾✨ #graduation #graduate #uni #university #law #unioflaw #2022grad #grad #graduationday #lawschool #lawyer

Masters Celebrations👩🏼 🎓 A few weeks ago (I am so behind with updating you guys, but honestly a week feels like one day to me at the moment) I headed to London to receive my Masters degree. To sum up the experience it was boozy; I wore silly shoes that cut my feet to pieces; we had wayyy overpriced and overrated Five Guys (I am not a fan) & went to the theatre followed by crashing into bed at 11pm, because Alex decided to celebrate with us that day from 4:30AM. The next day I got robbed blind by the National History Museum as I had to buy a dinosaur for Alex 🦕 #mumlife All in all a 10/10 celebration with my favourite person 🥰 I know lots of you are graduating or celebrating at the moment so a huge congratulations to all Graduands and enjoy the partaying! 🎉

Congratulations Amy 🎓🥂 Repost• @_amyduncan_ Finally getting to celebrate my LPC & Masters of Law two years later 👩🏻 ⚖️❤️ #ulaw #ulawgrad