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Delighted to say that Pro Bono student volunteers from our London Campuses who completed training with Pro Bono Community in November went on to assist an enormous amount of people Kensington CAB this year – 618 so far - Well done to all those who took part. 🎉

Thank you so much to these load of nuttas! There is no way I could have made it through the GDL without you! We're finally free! u_law #Ulaw #GDL

ULaw’s Leeds campus held its glamorous end of year Ball at the weekend. All courses were invited. Thanks to the Park Plaza Hotel for hosting the event #law #students

ULaw Leeds students and tutors enjoying the 2019 Leeds Inns Qualifying Session at the Met Hotel. They were joined by barristers, judges and Inns of Court representatives. 💃🎉

On Tuesday 28th May we hosted the inaugural Leeds Intervarsity Moot in our courtroom. Two current BPTC students from BPP Leeds competed against two current BPTC students from ULaw Leeds. The event was judged by ULaw Leeds BPTC Programme Lead Bev Dawes, BPP tutor Zoe Smith, barrister Gareth Price and District Judge Alex Foster. Congratulations to our winners - ULaw Leeds students Jed Hutchinson and Peter Cruickshank. 🎉🙌

I’m back 💁🏻 ♀️ the last few weeks have been mad busy, I could sleep for a week 😴 I’ve moved house, taken my exams, finished the GDL and finished my coursework 🙌🏻 I’d love to be doing one of those officially finished posts, but I’m not until August because I missed my Contract and Land Law exams due to illness 😞 I’m going to be making some changes to my gram in a few weeks time in preparation for my next journey (which idk what that is 😂😂), but if you have any suggestions, please submit them below ⬇️ so, the studying continues, but I’m taking a lil holiday in between ☀️

*JUMPING INTO EXAMS LIKE.......* Mergers and Acquisitions ✅ ❕1 down, 1 to go (this time next week I will be free 🙌) _ Honestly I am slowly losing the plot with revision and I’m struggling to keep motivated... I am so so tired and in desperate need of a holiday before I perish...BUT I just keep thinking of my end goal and honestly it really keeps me going 👩 ⚖️ _ I’ve had a few days off work as study leave which I really needed as I’m so mentally drained in the evenings that I can’t absorb any more information! _ De-stressing/relaxing is so important during exams and I have been making time for the gym most days ( pls enjoy said pic of me in my gym clothes) and even 30 minutes of exercise can make you feel so much better! Sometimes I really don’t look forward to exercising but I know I’ll feel so much better afterwards 😌 _ Im really looking forward to my LPC finishing so I can channel all my energy into pursuing my legal career. Since starting my blog, I’ve been blessed with the most incredible opportunities and made some valuable connections and I’ve really realised where I want to be in 5 years time and I am feeling more ambitious than ever 👩 ⚖️ _ Stay tuned to see if Soph survives her final week as an LPC student 📚 • • • #law #lawyer #lawstudent #ulaw #lpc #exams #revise #study #lawschool #legallife #lawfirm #futurelawyer #lawblog #lawblogger #suceed #aspire #influence #motivation #ambition #fitness #gym #timemanagament #london #birmingham #citylife #networking #commerciallaw #businesslaw