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✨l e c t u r e s ✨ Hi! Sorry for being so inactive. It’s good to take breaks from social media, but mine wasn’t a break as I was still checking stuff - I just was unsure of what to post. Plus I thought you might be sick of my long posts Today’s post is about lectures and how to get the most out of them. So here are my tips: ✨ Use your materials: We’re lucky at u_law because the University provides us with detailed student guides - lots of cases (both key and additional) are provided, alongside quotes and extracts of law that we need. Sometimes whole sections of Acts are provided in physical copy that are relevant to that topic. The student guide also has headers for different parts of the topic with varying spaces, which indicate how much you need to know about that particular thing. Using the guides also means you don’t have to write out swathes of information - as quotes and cases are already provided for you ✨ Keep focused - this is one that applies to all studying really. Keep your phone in another room or on silent. To prevent yourself getting embroiled in conversations or socials, use apps like the Forest app. ✨Interract! One good thing about online lectures is it’s so easy to interract with tutors and other students. Asking questions to clarify something or further your learning will massively help you understand topics. Tutors will also stay on at the end to answer any questions about the topic. ✨Fill in the gaps - use any pre-recorded large group sessions to add more detail to your notes or fill in a little piece of info you might have missed How do you get the most out of your lectures? 📥 #law #llb #ulaw #liveprospectus #stopfordianlaw #2ndyear #lawstudent #lectures #largegroup #materials #studentguide #humanrights #humanrightslaw #familylaw #level5

🌟 NATIONAL APPRENTICESHIP WEEK 🌟 During my final year of college I was uncertain on which path to take, the only thing I did know is I wanted a degree and to work in law. I started as a Paralegal Apprentice in September 2017. Fast-forward to 2021, I am 1 year into a Solicitor Apprenticeship, which means I will get my LLB and qualify all without incurring the cost of a student loan. Back in 2017 there was little information about the non-traditional route into law. So, as a helping hand to anyone who might be thinking of this career my dms are open! Apprenticeship Myth Busters ❌ Apprenticeships are only for ‘trades’ - There are a number of apprenticeships in academic subjects, including, law, business and veterinary! ❌ You will be stuck doing the ‘boring’ stuff - many apprenticeships the in the legal sector rotate seats, meaning you get a broad view of the firm. Plus, it’s very handy to know all the boring stuff. ❌ You will have no time - sure, working full time and studying is challenging, however, with good time management I have time to exercise, socialise (pre-covid) and time to myself. ❌ Apprenticeships are for those who didn’t get good enough grades for uni - my offer to study law at my firm choice university was BBB. I achieved Distinction*DistinctionAB in my a-level studies. ❌ Apprenticeships don’t lead to a full time job - many apprenticeships are on a temporary contract, most develop into permanent contracts. If not, you will have gained a wealth of experience and a qualification making a move within the industry easy! ❌ You need to go to college or university - for most, this is not the case. Both of the apprenticeships I have done were at distance learning, meaning all the content I needed was readily available online for access anywhere! With my Solicitor Apprenticeship I do also get access to my local ULaw campus for use as and when I like (campus visits are currently not allowed due to covid) The past 3 years have been an experience and a learning curve. If you have any questions please do comment or dm. #nationalapprenticeshipweek #nationalapprenticeweek #notgoingtouni #apprentice #legalapprentice #law #ulaw

I am now a week into semester two and I’m really enjoying being “back” at university albeit from my desk at home. I’m working my way through my Real estate prep tonight before my workshop on Friday. How is everyone else finding being back at uni? I am enjoying getting back into a routine but I do really miss being on campus and being able to use the library 📚 #lawblog #lawblogger #legalblog #lawstudent #secondyearlawstudent #llblaw #llb #lawdegree🎓 #employmentlaw #realestatelaw #ulaw #aspiringsolicitors #aspiringlawyer #lgbtlaw #lgbtlawyer #vacationscheme #trainingcontract

Tying to get a routine through all the madness🙌🏻 ♡ Now I’ve hit the first week of large groups and workshops, trying to get a study routine back into place is important🌟 ♡ Whilst trying to get a routine, give yourself extra time to complete the work and make sure you have free time too😊 • • #Law #Criminology #LawStudent #Student #Ulaw #TheUniversityOfLaw #Study #Studygram #Studying #SecondYear #2ndYear #SecondYearStudent #UKStudent #UK #UKLawStudent #Leeds #LeedsStudent#Routine #LockdownRoutine #MentalHealth #FreeTime #FamilyLaw #LargeGroups #Workshops

Day 7: Share your desk set up. I genuinely love this little corner of my room. I got the desk from ikeauk just before I started the LPC because I knew I needed a bigger work space. I can fit all my folders in the shelves on the side, and there’s another shelf under the desk where all my textbooks go. I try and keep it clean but considering I WFH and then study in the evenings/weekends, it normally needs a little clear out every week or so! Next plan of action is to get a decent desk chair bc this one does nothing to help my back! (I feel like an old woman lol) #fabruary2021 legally_liz_

First week of semester two done💫 🍎 All I had this week was three Lectures, one for each new module I’m starting. This semester I’m doing Employment Law, Family Law and Real Estate Law. 🍎 Even though these modules are expected to be more challenging, I picked Family Law and Real Estate Law as I might want to specialise in either in the future, and I picked employment law because it follows on nicely from contract law which I found challenging yet rewarding last year. 🍎 Getting back into the schedule of Lectures was a bit of a shock since the Christmas break was a month and a half long but I think I managed to handle the new content pretty well. 🍎 All I did this week was was focus on the lecture material I was given, review this and then prep for the Seminars which will follow the content given this coming week which are reflected in the two time lapses above. 🍎 Hopefully everyone has had a strong start to semester talk as well :) 🍎 #timelapse #timelapsestudy #timelapsestudywithme #studywithme #study #studygram #law #lawschool #lawstudent #lawlondonstudent #ulaw u_law

#FABUARY2021 DAY 7 ✨share your desk set up✨ My desk in my room is tinyyyy so have opted to takeover my parents room for work so using their desk as I can fit my folders, books and laptop all over it so I can access it all when I need it! Also pair that with my boyfriend having moved in over all of the lockdowns so I don’t have to listen to another game of FIFA or War-zone🥴😂 Not the MOST organised but everything is where I need it and it’s probably the quietest room in the house!😂 Study essentials: • tabs (lots of them) • highlighters • a nice cup of tea • water • diary to plan and tick things off as I manage to get around to them • coloured pens to annotate things (I use different colours for procedure, laws, statutes etc so I can navigate them better) Looking forward to seeing your set ups for #FABUARY2021 !!💃🏻 #grad #graduate #trainingcontract #tc #vacscheme #vacationscheme #hints #tips #law #lawstudent #llb #llb #llm #lpc #ulaw #lawfirm #lawstudent #studygram #studymotivation

#FABRUARY2021 Day 7 - share your desk setup Ok, it’s different AGAIN! I think my desk setup has changed more times since the start of the LPC than Pearson Hardman changed name partners... 📝 I finally got a whiteboard! I’ve been using it to write my to-do lists, quick mind maps and flowcharts, just generally anything and it’s been such a good purchase (£4 from Wilko🤩) - Laptop stand and wireless keyboard & mouse GAME CHANGER. My neck doesn’t hurt anymore and I have enough space to have my textbook open properly. I didn’t splash out on these things because I wasn’t sure if I’d like the change but I really do! I would really recommend getting a riser and wireless k&m if you don’t already have these, they have transformed my space completely! I always keep my desk tidy and clutter free - with it being in my bedroom I don’t want things out of place so that the space stays as calm and relaxing as possible. What are your study space essentials? Let me know!💫 #fabruary2021 #desksetup #wfh #studygram #studyinspiration #studywithme #legalpracticecourse #lpc #ulaw

🍸//Good evening bees! Today I’ve been quite busy with doing a bit of shopping, cleaning my room and reorganising my desk and now prepping for next week’s workshop. It’s mad that it’s the 2nd to last one! I’m then going to be revising over company procedure and making a grid (which I may show on my stories as inspiration for anyone who is due to have their business law exam and needs help with company procedure notes). According to my tutor, it is a guaranteed question in the exam as well as somewhere, there will be a tax question (either IT, CGT or Corporation Tax). Hope you all enjoy your Saturday - I’ve just had a takeaway for my tea (Curry ofcourse!)💕 // #law #lawstudent #stationery #bujo #desk #studyspace #ulaw #prepwork #bee #todolist #saturday #studyweekend #busybee #weekend #notes #universitystudent #lawblog #studygram #lawstudygram #lawstudentlife #exams #businesslaw #solicitor #lpcllm #llb #undergrad #postgrad #lawmasters

Hi everyone - happy Saturday! ✨ I’ve had a really busy first week ‘back’ at uni (and by ‘back’ I mean back to Microsoft Teams lectures 😂) but I’ve really enjoyed getting to grips with my new modules. I struggled keeping on top of work last year so this year I am determined to stay focused and ahead and make sure I’m prepared for the week ahead. So that’s how I’m spending my Saturday! 📚 📖 👩🏻 💻 I’ve started a ‘Real World Law’ module which involves the practical skill side of Law, such as advocacy and client interviewing. I’m quite anxious about this module as I’m not a very confident speaker (even over Teams/Zoom) so if anyone has any tips for this kind of module please let me know! 😥☺️ Also, thank you for 100+ followers! I’m really enjoying seeing everyone’s accounts and posts and being a part of the Law study community as it’s giving me the motivation I need to keep going 💪🏻 I hope you all have a lovely rest of your weekend and remember to take some time out to relax too! 🥰 ——————————————————————————————— #legal #law #lawstudent #studygram #solicitor #barrister #lawdegree #lawblog #lawstudentuk #lawstudygram #llb #commercialawareness #lawstudies #futurelawyer #aspiringsolicitor #legalcheek #university #studyspo #notetaking #calligraphy #handwriting #goodnotes #llblaw #lpc #ulaw