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✨Happy Friyay AND...the LPC starts Monday!✨ (Well, just the week of online induction, but...) I’m feeling a little anxious, but mostly excited! I’ve heard the LPC is a whirlwind, so here’s everything I’ve done to prepare before term starts... 🔸Put all exam dates in my calendar 🔸Ordered my ULaw textbooks 🔸Ordered a revision guide - it saved me on the GDL, so I’m sure it’s worth it for the LPC 🔸Bought more highlighters and plastic index tabs 🔸Downloaded learning materials and prepared for my first workshop, which is more than a week away 🔸Made a list of training contracts and opportunities I’d love to apply to 🔸Most of all, I’ve been trying to enjoy the last days of summer, especially by spending time with family and friends and getting some sunshine

Yes, I am aware that I have a study in which I can do my reading… but nothing beats studying from bed! The majority of us did that all last year.. so why stop now🤷🏽 ♀️ Nothing feels better than lighting a candle and reading through 5 chapters of a Civil litigation textbook… 🥲 #ulaw #lawstudent #lpc #legalcheek #lawschool #solicitor #legalsector #studies #students #mastersdegree #legalpracticecourse #lpcmsc #msc #legalblogger #legalprofession #legalpractice #liveprospectus

Team Carlisle has expanded again - welcome Tiger. She is the softest, fluffiest ball of fur and a very easy-going study companion. Although her input to my workshop prep has been fairly limited to date. #lpc #legalpracticecourse #studylaw #catsofinstagram #aspiringlawyer #maturestudent #universityoflaw

First post! hello, I am a third year law student at u_law and I thought I would create this account as an extra push of motivation for my final year! I finished second year with 69% and would love to finish with a first, so I’m giving it all I’ve got! Would love to follow some likeminded individuals 😁👩 🎓

It’s that time of year again! Today I received all my u_law workbooks through the post for the first semester of my third year. I will be studying the three mandatory modules of Business Law 2, Civil Dispute Resolution and Equity & Trusts. I am so excited to be heading back to university soon and getting back into a routine. It will also be nice to be back on campus! (Even if it is only for half the lectures) #law #lawdegree #lawstudent #businesslaw #futuretraineesolicitor #traineesolicitor #ulaw #thirdyearlawstudent #finalyearlawstudent #lpc

Today was my first day of the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) ✨ I have been so excited to start this course, but it’s only just hitting me that I’m officially a law student! With application season approaching far too quickly, I can’t wait to get properly stuck into the first step of my legal journey ⚖️ u_law #law #lawstudent #gdl #universityoflaw

It was fantastic to take part in three days of training to introduce me to my new role as student associate for the u_law Bristol campus last week. I got to attend a range of sessions to introduce me to my role, the history of LexisNexis and how to run a training session. I am looking forward to being the LexisNexis representative on campus soon! If any of my Bristol peers have any questions about LexisNexis then feel free to drop me a message ☺️ #law #lawstudies🎓 #lawstudent #lawdegree #lawfirm #lexisnexis #studentassociate #ulawbristol #ulaw #thirdyearlawstudent #futuretraineesolicitor #commerciallaw

Joining the legal blogger world… I’m Sophie, a third year MLaw student (Integrated masters), and aspiring solicitor at Northumbria 🎓…
 🤍 I study at a non-Russell Group uni, I’m state school educated (originally from South Yorkshire) AND I’m the first generation in my family to go to university. In fewer words, you could call me a ✨ socially mobile✨ student determined to gain access into the legal profession. 🤍 Outside my studies I love to play sport. I grew up as a hockey player and a gymnast, then decided to join the cheerleading team when I started university. COVID-19 messed things up a little last year, but it has honestly heightened my uni experience x1000! 🤍 I also LOVE animals – which I know everyone does but, I really really do 🥺. It’s the main reason I chose to study Animal Law in second-year, which then led me to setting up my own Animal Law society with some amazing, like-minded girls. (animallawnu for support) For those interested, animal law is basically the intersection where the law meets an animal. I wanted to create this Instagram to document my legal journey. I hope through sharing study tips, application/work experience advice and some fun content, I will continue to learn and grow whilst inspiring, motivating and supporting those like myself along the way. 
Please say hi - and if you have any questions or ideas for content let me know! #law #lawstudent #student #northumbria #univeristy #solicitor #aspiringsolicitor #undergraduate #graduate #motivation #newpage #university #ulaw #theuniversityoflaw