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Hi guys! So this is my first post here and I’m not sure how to start it etc! So I thought I’d introduce myself to those of you that don’t know me and what my page will consist of etc! So my name is Maariya but Maya is my nickname 😂 I graduated from LLB at Nottingham Trent University with a 2:1 and I had started my LPC and LLM at ULAW online! I’m hoping to go into corporate law! I’d love to get to know you all a bit more knowing what areas of law you’d love to go into and if you are studying which university are you at and how are you finding it? Also I would love to post tips and advice on studying but I’m sure what most of you are doing works and I look for inspiration from those that I have followed so far! As someone that continues with mental health such as anxiety I would want nothing more than my page to be a safe place that will also be posting on mental health and my dms are open to those that do need advice or someone to listen to! I look forward getting to know you all not just on my own legal journey but yours too!! #lpcstudent #lawstudent #lawblog #lawyer #lawblogger #ulaw #ntu #aspiringsolicitor #aspiringsolicitors #ethnicwomaninlaw

Life update with some pictures of the best hot chocolates I’ve made when working from home✨ So 1 week into January and I’ve been in isolation the whole time - not the best start! Luckily I’m at the end now and ready to feel like I’ve actually gone back to work (by going into the office a few days a week). Coming back I’ve felt a little lost with work as having 2 weeks off when everything’s new caused me to feel (initially) like I’d forgotten everything. Despite this I’m back into the swing now, and getting on with work, my first university assessment (due next week!), and some other personal goals. Since the wfh order / suggestion (?) I haven’t made it to the gym, and did basically no exercise while home for the holidays, so have been trying to make myself do at least 1 home workout a day (as I’ve been unable to meet my step goal within my 1 bed flat) I have my first review with work coming up very soon, so spending some time reflecting on what I’ve achieved so far and what else I want to achieve in my first seat of my apprenticeship. Have my second university check in around the same time so will be reflecting on the assessment (once I’ve completed it) Hope you are doing well and managing to be consistent in achieving what you want to ☺️ #law #solicitor #solicitorapprentice #apprentice #london #londonnetworking #londonlife #lawyerintraining #uni #unioflaw #universityoflaw #parttimestudent #studygram #revision #workwear #workinspo #workwearstyle #apprenticeship #womeninlaw #studytips #revisionhelp #university #notgoingtouni #workwear #workinspo #workwearstyle #apprenticeships #legalupdates #studygram #studywithme

Little throwback to my set up from last year. 🤣 • • I am so proud of where I came from and how far I’ve gotten. 💃🏾🥵 • • • #explore #explorepage #trend #law #ulaw #setup #undergrad

Chilly mornings ❄️

That just-handed-in-the-masters-dissertation-after-eleven-tense-months workout goes HARD 💪🥴🥵 #ulaw

Bit of a life update with a picture from when my sister and niece came to visit and we hit all the tourist spots✨ Finding the last week of work to really drag as I’m just looking forward to the Christmas break (as is everyone else I’m sure). I have a lot more anxiety around health etc at the moment due to things getting worse in England with cases and restrictions. Just hoping to get my train back to my hometown and enjoy the week or so off. Working from home is definitely a reminder that everything isn’t quite back to normal and might not be for a while and, again like many others, is something I struggle with due to how isolated I can feel. For me it almost feels like wasted time, as I move from my hometown in order to pursue my apprenticeship. But I have to remind myself it’ll only be temporary and it’s still so worth it whilst everything else is still open in London. Work-wise I feel like I’m definitely starting to be given more responsibility and building some good connections which I can see through the fact that people come back to me to consistently help them with work. On the university side of things I’d say I’m struggling a bit more as I’m quite a perfectionist and haven’t been getting the grades that I’d like. I’ll have my first proper exam (although it’s coursework based) over Christmas, so want to plan how to go about that. I have a lot of planning to do in regards to schedules and spending - something I’ve not been good with when buying presents this year! I hope you are all good and looking forward to whatever plans you have for the best few weeks ☺️ #law #solicitor #solicitorapprentice #apprentice #london #londonnetworking #londonlife #lawyerintraining #uni #unioflaw #universityoflaw #parttimestudent #studygram #revision #workwear #workinspo #workwearstyle #apprenticeship #womeninlaw #studytips #revisionhelp #university #notgoingtouni #workwear #workinspo #workwearstyle #apprenticeships #legalupdates

Hey guys! Merry Christmas! It feels great to be out of uni for Christmas. My coursework has been released now and I feel okay about it, it all seems doable, so I am relieved How are you feeling?

Exam Time! _ Been a little while since I last posted but I have been very busy with preparing for my exams 😬. _ It was really nice to get spend some time on campus to take the exams. I do like studying online but it can be a bit lonely and hard to motivate myself at times. _ So far I have … ✅ Submitted my Practical Legal ✅ Undertook my Real Interviewing Assessment ✅ Completed my Wills and Estates Exam I am a little nervous about how I did, but here’s hoping they all went okay. _ However, now is the chance to take some time to relax over Christmas. I am trying to make a conscious effort to not overwhelm or stress myself out (easier said than done) but to take a little break. #law #lawstudygram #unioflaw #studylaw #exams #stressful

Doing some large group lecture notes for Academic and digital skills in this gorgeous cafe! Hoping to get the bulk of my final portfolio done by the end of the week :) #ulawstudent #ulaw #ulawbloomsbury #tortlaw #todolist #student #study #savethetrees #ipad #academia #digitalnotes #lawstudent #notes #darkacademia #applepencil #goodnotes #lightacademia #productliability #reqding #mildliners #lecturenotes #portfolio

Thank you so much u_law for all my goodies 🤗 all will be extremely useful in the run up to exams 🙌🏻