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Want to find out what it's really like to study at The University of Law? #LiveProspectus is our social hub written by our current students for the students of tomorrow - because there's more to us than we could ever squeeze into a brochure.  Read more

Feeling wieghed down by your workload and stressed with everyday life? Need some tips of how to wind down and keep a level head? Join us with an hour of relaxation in our yoga and meditation workshop, lead by Harsimrenjeet Kaur! Taking place in room 111 from 11:30 til 12:30pm, hope to see many of you there! #ulawsikhsoc #liveprospectus #zenvibes

Well.. we got the second one!! That was one of the proudest moments I’ve experienced in life. LPC was a very tough and incredibly demanding year where I’ve totally challenged myself both academically and emotionally. In order to achieve the LPC results I had and the High Distinction in my LLM, I had to sacrifice a lot and I definitely went beyond my limits. But guess what, after all this pressure (and the several mental breakdowns😂) here I am ... stronger, prouder and happier than ever!🤗 #ULAWGRAD2018

Just got hotter by two degrees👩 🎓🙏🏼🎓🙏🏼👩 🎓 . . . . . . #graduate#lpc#legaleagle#hustle#thankgod#mastersoflaw#ulawgrad2018