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I completed the Advocacy #PSC last week which was split across three days at u_law Day 1️⃣- we familiarised ourselves with the bundle, particulars of claim and discussed what would make a good advocate. We practiced some Advocacy by preparing for submission for applications of costs to the judge based on the case at hand. It was relating to a monies claim for loss of profit due to defendant's inadequate provision of the goods in the contract (bottles of water) and loss of profit for future sub sales. Day 2️⃣ was based on a criminal case where the offenders were being charged with bribery offences and we examined and cross examined the witnesses. Skills such as pace, identifying the correct issues, eye contact, speaking clearly were all assessed. Day 3️⃣ was the civil trial so we were split into teams of Claimant vs Defendant. We had an opening statement, setting out our heads of claim and who the witnesses will be at trial. The claimants witnesses were up first who were examined and cross examined. (This reminded me of Suits!!!) And then the defendant's witnesses were up and then closing speeches. ➡️At the end we made a Part 36 offer (nightmare from Dispute resolution on the #LPC) and the judge then decided on the case. Based on our performances the claimant was successful! ➡️Experiencing being a witness, judge, examiner and cross examiner taught me a lot. The skills needed and obviously good Advocacy were so important so the practicality was def useful! If you have any questions let me know 😊

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