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Don’t forget to enter our competition to win a week’s work experience with one of the UK’s top firms and businesses. Visit for how to enter and full T&Cs. #Repost • @rodahekemode My mother and big sister are my biggest inspiration. They know how to value people and help them as far as they can. They plan ahead, work hard and give their best shot in every situation. They believe anything can be achieved if there is an intent to do well and the willingness to learn present . When I was a child, I had the ability to communicate effectively for what I wanted. They always called me the next lawyer in the family since I was very little, I believe they’ve always seen a solicitor in me. I became inspired to do something I love just as much as they do. They are the definition of professionals who have a balanced (work-family-outside interests), wonderful (loving friends and family), exciting (getting involved in many more diverse interests than their careers) life and I wish to emulate that. #Uinspire #Birmingham #Manchester #London #Leeds @u_law

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