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We are very proud of our student, @chelseakwakye on the success of her incredible book, ‘Taking up Space’, which tackles discrimination, access issues and university life. We caught up with Chelsea to chat about life at ULaw and writing her first book under @stormzy ‘s #Merky publishing imprint. Read the interview here: #Repost @chelseakwakye ・・・ Guys. A WHOLE BOOK!? This has been the most incredible journey. I don’t even know where to start. Writing a book alongside a law conversion course was not easy - there were many tears, a lot of stress and burnouts. It was meetings at Penguin then running to class within the hour. It was writing the book straight after exams. I could go on and on!! But I only had to remember the *potential* impact that this book could have. I only had to remember where this book fits alongside a long history of black women and non-binary people speaking out and feeling compelled to make some kind of change. I have to thank the black women at Cambridge who opened up my vocabulary to even begin to articulate how I felt/still feel. I only had to remember how revolutionary #Merky Books is to keep me going. But bottom line, NONE of this would have been possible without my sister Ore, Akua, Tom, Alice, Rach, Natalia, Emma, Carrie, all of our amazing interviewees and our new big bro Stormzy. Most importantly, I’ve fully realised how blessed I am to have such an amazing, close and supportive family. The response has been sooooooo amazing and I’m still learning BUT I’m super excited for you all to read @takingupspacebook. Drop us a message, leave a review and let’s give this the time and conversation it deserves!!!!

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