Live Prospectus - by the people who know us best, our students

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We need to normalise the idea of asking for help from others in similar fields to us without feeling that we owe them something in return or even charging for helping someone out (within reason ofcourse). It costs nothing to be kind and help someone who is looking to you for advice or guidance.. Let's all support each other because there's room for us all to make it. My DM is always open for students from all walks of life . If I can aid you with any of my experiences and life so far I will gladly dive into for you. For my new followers & existing supporters thank you for joining me in my journey of whatever life throws in & making a gift out if it. I am 2 more exams away from Completing my LPC LLM and I want to give it my all for these last sets of exams one of which will be online due to the pandemic-ofcourse I am nervous and double guessing my decisions on whether I should continue to sit or defer. But I guess time will tell when I get deep into the revision. I hope you are all doing well and that Ramadhan continues to leave its blessings for the rest of years ahead. I pray your wishes come true with ease Inshaa'Alla. May you continue to prosper & stay righteous. Early Eid Mubarak to those celebrating!💕 Oh yeh I had a very good tidying up organising all my folders afterwards! #helpingothers #lpcllm #exams #lawstudents #workhardplayhard #unity #explore #instadaily #TamTalks #lawyeruk #hijabista #unioflaw #sac #wills #solicitors #education #giveback #mentor

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