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It’s been a while!!! So by way of update 🙋🏼 ♀️ I’m half way through my MA Law and I’m taking the next year out to recoup (burn out is verrrryyyy real!! I take my hat off to anyone working and studying it is so hard!!) I’m about 5 months into my first ever legal assistant job, I’ve had stints in Family, Personal Injury, Convey and Probate so far but Family seems to be where my heart is which is so weird considering I said I NEVER wanted to do family🙈 I’ve learnt so much already but I guess the biggest lesson there is never say no because you never know where it might lead you to. Im working at a lovely regional firm, the culture is great and so supportive and every department has allowed me to thrive which is exactly what I wanted. I’ve decided the big city law firm isn’t for me, I love the lakes, I love the people around me and most importantly it’s my home and I think I can have the career and the beauty of living here if I try! I hope everyone is keeping well and looking after themselves, another thing I’ve learn is not to neglect my own well-being for the sake of this career💕 #lawstudent #businessgrad #lawconversion #lawconversion #ulaw #nonlawlawyer #lakeslife #mentalwellness #studygram

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