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ADVOCACY PRACTICE👩🏻 ⚖️ I had my advocacy practice at 9:15am today, bright and early ☕️ I’m so happy and relieved to have got a competent! ☺️ Especially because I’ve been sick for the last week and couldn’t practice out loud until yesterday. Here’s what helped me prepare: 🌸 Print out the paper bundle, staple it together and highlight/mark it up in the margins! My mind absorbs so much more detail when I can see the words on paper, not a static screen. And remember to read everything carefully, whether you’re the solicitor for applicant or respondent! There might be a piece of information that could really help your side. 🌸 Make your advocacy plan as brief as possible. We each had a maximum of 10 minutes, but my page of bullet points/phrases took me a whole 9 minutes to go through. What worked well was listing the issues, and where to look (page and para numbers) inside the bundle so I didn’t get lost. 🌸 Speak to the camera. The judge has already read the materials; my tutor said that your job as an advocate is to have a conversation (albeit one where you’re doing all the talking within your submission time!) with the judge to persuade them why your side is more compelling. And reading from a script, or electronic notes, isn’t allowed. This is where your minimal, printed plan comes in handy, because you can glance at it occasionally and talk more naturally. 🌸 Refer to the bundle and the CPR Rules. 🌸 After mentioning an issue and evidence, do try to tie them together with a brief conclusion! 🌸 Really listen to the other side & Judge’s question(s) and clearly state that you’re addressing them at various points. 🌸 Slow and steady wins the race! Don’t rush; just calmly leave a space as you flip through the bundle or find what you need. You’ve got this 💕

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