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Of course, my first post had to include coffee🤷🏻 ♂️ I thought I’d start this account with an introduction to my life/break into the legal industry (or lack of)⚖️... - My initial start to my education within Law started at A-Level. I was obsessed with the subject and all the units that fell under Criminal Law (this was what my college offered in terms of what area of the law to learn). After completing my A-Levels (I also did English and Drama🤷🏻 ♂️) I started studying Law at the University of Liverpool. It wasn’t long until I felt as though I needed to take a short break from education in order to develop on transferable life skills to a legal profession💪🏼. So, I decided to take 2 years out of education in order to develop these skills that will help me with a legal career in the future! I currently work in Marketing, which is a heavily client-facing industry, and has helped me strengthen the skills I have wanted to develop to a high standard thankfully!🙌🏼 - Fast forward to 2019, I decided it was time to take up my Law degree once again, and have started in my LLB with u_law (so far it’s treating me well!)📓. I feel so much more focused and ready to take on my studies, as well as pursuing a my legal career as a corporate solicitor!👨🏻 ⚖️ - Obviously, I am not eligible to start training contract/vacation scheme applications until the next academic year, but I wanted to document my journey throughout my Law degree, TC/VS applications, LPC LLM, and breaking into the world of Corporate and Commercial Law!👊🏼 - #law #lawstudent #lawstudies #llb #degree #ulaw #university #lawdegree #legal #lawschool #futurelawyer #trainingcontract #vacationscheme #fresher #llbdegree

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