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Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃 . . This week has been a slow one getting back into the swing of uni after the consolidation week and the crazy workload of the LPC. 📝 . . I always find writing a to-do list helpful; and the idea of ticking something off reminds me that I am achieving something amidst the reading, preparatory tasks and consolidation of my course. Its important to know you are physically and mentally ticking things off, especially when you're studying a law (or non-law) degree, GDL or LPC. ✅ . . Recently, my peers on my course have asked me how to manage time in order to complete all of the work and start applications for vacation scheme and training contracts. I have managed to complete a few since starting the course, and I find the best solution is to organise your reading and prep time i.e. complete two prep tasks in a day (if possible), make sure after a workshop you consolidate as soon as possible which will free up your time on your days off and the weekend. . . Dedicate an afternoon to write a list of the firm's you would like to apply to, and open their applications online. I find simply having it on my tabs helpful as it reminds me that I need to continue or complete it. Over the course of the months you will be pleasantly surprised that you have managed to complete some applications. 👏 . . Key point to note - most law firm's have an integrated application for vac schemes and training contract so you do not need to complete two applications for the same firm. . . Final point - remember to not be too hard on yourself. Everyone is their own worst critic, and we are all working hard and striving to achieve our ambitions. BUT, you also need to take some time (if you have any(!)) for yourself. I stopped reading novels during university time, which is one of my favourite things to do, and it does not pay 📖 . . Have a spooky Halloween, and see you next week! 👻 . . #TLPTakeover by Kirsty Henton (misshenton), LPC Student at the University of Law . . #law #lawstudent #lawlife #studylaw #university #universityoflaw #motivation #lawatuniversity #studygram #studytips #getintolaw #thelawyerportal #studysession #trainingcontract #vacationscheme

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