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Happy Thursday Everyone! . . Today, I am submitting my first oral submissions for advocacy in Dispute Resolution after an entire day of preparation. I am nervous, but equally excited to see how I do and where I need to improve before the mock. One thing the LPC has taught me thus far, is to be adaptable and prioritise my tasks - even if that means not doing them in the order I would prefer. . . I also have my first assessment due on Monday for Practical Legal Research. So, I will be making good use of ULaw's library resources and databases! I completed a dissertation in law at undergrad, so I enjoy collating information and producing a final piece of work. . . Do you prefer exams or research/coursework based subjects? . . As a visual learner I have always leaned towards coursework/research based subjects, however, I do enjoy the structure of exam-based subjects and the timeline you work towards. . . Once I have completed my assessment, its back to the grind of preparation and applications! . . If you are also at the stage of applying to law firms, visit The Lawyer Portal's website for application advice, hints and tips. . . #TLPTakeover by Kirsty Henton (misshenton), LPC Student at the University of Law . . #law #lawstudent #lawlife #studylaw #university #universityoflaw #motivation #lawatuniversity #studygram #studytips #getintolaw #thelawyerportal #studysession #trainingcontract #vacationscheme

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