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Still yet to swap my coffee for cocktails but I am on the home stretch now! ☕️ I am preparing for my final part of my LPC, a presentation on my masters report on cryptocurrency and regulation. Now I have a real understanding of how this currency works and the ways in which it could potentially be used in the future, I find it fascinating. I will be making sure to keep up to date with developments and news coverage on this topic 📰 After this presentation I will have completed the academic part of being a solicitor. I start training in September and cannot wait! I am keen to get started and put all the knowledge and practical skills I have acquired to practice 👩 💻 Over the summer I will be aiming to revise key concepts that I have been studying 📚 as well as practicing basics, such as legal writing formalities and brushing up on commercial awareness. So stay tuned for a few 'refresher' style posts! I will of course be taking some rest time as well *queue cocktails in the sun* as my many years in education come to an end and my professional career is about to begin. How will you be spending your summer? Make sure to read TLP'S blog about How to Make the Most of Your Summer Before Uni ☀️ #TLPTakeover by Alexandra Lima (missalexandralouise_), LPC Student and future Darlingtons trainee solicitor #lawyer #lawlife #TLPlawyerlife #solicitor #trainee #trainingcontract #lpc #lawfirm #universityoflaw #lawstudy

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