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Hi everyone, I hope you are all looking forward to the weekend? I have been nursing myself back to health this week after feeling extremely under the weather. For me and other LPC students, this marks the end of our consolidation week and completion of our first four mock exams! 📖📚 . . I have always found mock exams (in any subject) extremely helpful. It is a rarity to get exam feedback, especially on an undergrad degree. So, I am happy I have been given the chance to get familiar with the LPC exam questions and start critiquing my answer right from the start. So far I have found the mock exams to be quite challenging! However, this gives me confidence that when the real thing comes around, I will be more than ready to conquer it. 🤞 . . In terms of revision, I usually re-write and condense my notes into mind maps as well completing as many practice questions as possible. I find this helps me memorise relevant statutes, case law and legal concepts and arguments. 🗺 . . I, of course and like most highly recommend having plenty of breaks! I have a bad habit of working for hours and not scheduling in regular breaks, which results in me staring at my screen sipping my tea. I find watching something or taking my dog for a walk to be the perfect excuse to peel myself away from the table and switch off. ☕️ 🐶 . . Overall, I have enjoyed having a break from the strict routine of uni and extremely early mornings! Although I have had PLENTY of work to occupy me. 😬 . . Question for you - how do you organise your revision? Do you stick to the same method or change it each time? . . See you next week 😊 . . #TLPTakeover by Kirsty Henton (misshenton), LPC Student at the University of Law . . #law #lawstudent #lawlife #studylaw #university #universityoflaw #lpc #moorgate #lawatuniversity #motivation #studygram #studytips #getintolaw #autumnterm #thelawyerportal #teabreak #dogwalk #mindmaps

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