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Happy Tuesday TLP'ers! ☉ . Firstly, I would like to congratulate all full-time LPC students for completing term 1 and all of our 11 exams and assessments! Its been a challenge, but we did it! 🍾 . Over the last week I have struggled with motivating and organising myself when completing my reading and prep for this week. Completing lengthy tasks has felt like a burden rather than a challenege I usually enjoy. So, I have rested and recuperated over the weekend. 🛌 . I soon came to the conclusion that I am fatigued from exams because I wasn't eating and drinking regularly enough which affected me. It is SO important to eat a good balanced diet during exams with plenty of water (with little treats too when revising). 🍽☕ . Moral of the story - eat well, drink lots and do not deprive yourself during exam season! 🍝 . This week is a busy one for me, I go back to uni for classes, but I have decided to work from home (thankfully our material for teaching is online anyway - thank you Ulaw) to avoid this nasty virus! ❌ . My university has decided to stop teaching today going forward, and it is shut for 1 month from 23rd March. 🙈 . Stay safe and wash your hands as much as possible! 👐 . #TLPTakeover by Kirsty Henton (kirstytakesonlaw), #LPC student at the University of Law . #lawschool #lawcareers #law #lawstudents #lawstudentlife #solicitor #ulaw #exams

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