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CV refining ✍️ I’ve spent today refining, editing and adding to my CV! I saw this morning that inhousepotter posted about a trainee position on her story so I thought I’d review my CV and apply! Today is day three of the #fabruary2021 challenge- share your favourite area of law! Personally I don’t particularly have a passion for a specific area of law, there are areas I definitely have a passionate dislike for 😅 but I have pretty much decided that I want to work in house. After speaking to a few representatives at career fairs I decided that I like the idea of contributing towards a project or goal in my work rather than dedicating my time to an individual client. So I suppose that counts? legally_liz_ 😂 Now for the cover letter... #lawstudent #law #lpc #lawgrad #graduate #lpcstudent #university #ulaw #cv #cvwriting #legalchallenge #study #studytips #studygram

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