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Eeeekkk happy bank holiday weekend! Well .... it is well and truly officially exam season 😬 With the apprenticeship at the University of Law you have unit topics and SUT’s weekly up until two weeks before the exams so Friday was the first time I started looking at revision (I’m not sure if I am super late in comparison to everyone else? 😫) This time I have decided to try to work smart rather than hard and avoid re-writing out all of my notes like I did for my January exams (Any tips would be appreciated!) This is as this term I have two topics to study for rather than the usual one. So this weekend this is me. Headphones 🎧, lists, highlighters and computer at the ready. I am going over all of my topics and checking I have all the information I need ✨ How long before your exams do you start revising? #apprentice #solicitor #lawyer #trainee #paralegal #apprenticesolicitor #solicitorapprentice #solicitorapprenticeship #solicitorapprentices #lawdegree #barrister #lawblog #student #ulaw #legal #law

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