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✨Dealing with work, Uni and life events ✨ Now I have to say I am the absolute expert when it comes to this topic. The lasts 7 months of my life have been chaotic. From losing a parent, becoming partial guardians to my siblings and last weekend, moving house. Although these situations are really hard to deal with, it has taught me a lot. It is doable! No matter how stressful the idea of working plus doing a masters equivalent degree can be, it can be done. Especially with time tabling and organisation. Communication is also key! Especially if you are a solicitor apprentice, your work has invested money and time into you and as long as you show passion and enthusiasm they will do anything to help you succeed! #apprentice #solicitor #lawyer #trainee #paralegal #apprenticesolicitor #solicitorapprentice #solicitorapprenticeship #solicitorapprentices #lawdegree #barrister #lawblog #student #ulaw #legal #law

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