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LEGAL WRITING EXAM (This exam was at the beginning of January) What I thought would be one of the easier/ more stress free exams took a different turn after spending 3+ hours on it, to then be told it was the wrong paper🤕 nevertheless, we did it !! A stressful week but it seems like a distant memory now😂 Here’s how I prepared: Over the Christmas break I had been consolidating my business notes, as I knew we were being assessed on business topics for some of the IPP exams, including this one. This meant when the exam released, I had concise notes of the law I went over the completed workshop and workbook, and created a word document with the templates provided along with any notes I thought would help e.g., when to use “sincerely” and when to use “faithfully” I then ran through the prep tutorial just as a reminder of what we covered and to make sure my notes were full Key points I checked when doing the actual exam: ✨check spelling & grammar 100 x over ✨Check I’ve used headings, the correct beginning and ending ✨be aware of who I’m writing to- supervisor or client? On behalf of yourself or my supervisor? This will change the tone, and whether to use legal terminology etc. ✨I checked off the exam criteria with my final draft ✨READ IT OUT LOUD- helps to spot simple mistakes, and to hear how it flows Hope this helps🥰 #ulaw #ulawgrad #lawstudent #lawstudentlife #exam #2021exam #legalwriting #writingskills #lpc #lawgrad u_law #businesslaw

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