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What a week!👩🏻 💻 📚Monday - Professional Conduct & Regulation MCQ exam 📚Tuesday - Business Law & Practice MCQ and written exam 📚Thursday - Real Estate MCQ and written exam Aside from the issues I faced on Tuesday with the software/ uni’s mistakes, it feels amazing to have completed these exams. So much time has gone into the preparation (16 weeks’ of workshops, prep, mocks, specimens, and an immense amount of consolidation, especially these past few weeks) and it feels strange to be putting these huge folders away now! Next week consists of the Dispute Resolution and Drafting exams and then we get Easter break! I cannot wait to have lie ins that is what I am mainly looking forward to😂 and I am really excited to start the electives🥳 Hope everyone is doing ok, we will get through the LPC together!!☺️ #ulaw #lpc #lpcllm #law #businesslaw #professionalconduct #realestate #realestatelaw #businesslaw #examseason #universitystudent

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