Live Prospectus - by the people who know us best, our students

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I have been reflecting back to the last face-to-face UCAS University event I worked last March which was held at Surrey Sports Park 😀 Since then all events have been held online. Virtual events has enabled us all to connect on a different level and have a greater reach across the UK and internationally, for instance I have spoken with prospective students from Nigeria, Canada & the US ðŸĪĐ Throughout my studies I have thoroughly enjoyed working as a student and marketing ambassador for ULaw 📚 Fingers crossed we can get back to these events as soon as possible ðŸĪžðŸž Reasons for being a university ambassador ✅ You get to meet so many new and exciting people who you can connect with on LinkedIn ✅ You will learn a lot more about your University I.e. the courses, the campuses, the student recruitment team and admissions process ✅ Developing your public speaking skills; at Open days both virtually & face-to-face I present my own speech to prospective students and parents ✅ You give guided tours; this can help boost your confidence ✅ You get a ULaw jumper & T-shirt ðŸĪŠ #ucas #ambassador #ulaw #events #law #student #learning #university #lawdegree

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