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Instagram shot by studentswholaw

Good afternoon Instagram The question is “Who inspires me?” In regards to my legal career a lot of women inspire me from people I’m close with to people who don’t even know I exist! However the two women in this picture with me inspire me the most. Meet both of my Grandmas from complete opposite sides of the world. Grandma closest to me was born on one of the smallest habited islands in the Caribbean (which is where the picture was taken). Carriacou is 13 square miles and is part of Grenada and the Grenadines. My Grandma along with her sister came from one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean on a boat to England where she located firstly in London and finally in Huddersfield. She brought her children over here to show them (arguably) a better life before then relocating with them to Brooklyn New York (Coincidentally my name Brooke Lynch). My Grandma has gone through her entire life sacrificing things in order for her children to have a better life. She has been determined from young to ensure she grasps the most out of life and that her children will do the same. She has always been a hard worker and dedicated to every role which is what I will always strive to do! Last but not least my other Grandma was born in Bradford, England and still lives there today. My Nan as I call her is the most loyal woman I have ever met in my entire life. She will commit to every job she is given or every favour she is asked upon and will give it her all no matter how big or small. What I love about my Nan is her ability to adapt to every single situation thrown at her! A skill I can only dream of achieving one day! Like my Grandma my Nan has sacrificed a lot in her life and continues to do so now. My Nan has a heart of gold; she is forgiving, accepting and loving. Features I ensure I have in my own heart. Both of these women have shaped me into the woman I am today and continue to inspire me each day to ensure I get the career I have always dreamed of. I believe in the butterfly effect and how everything has happened in order for me to be where I am today and I will continue to be inspired by them. #UInspire #London #leeds

studentswholaw (@studentswholaw) posted on Instagram