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🌟 Week Four 🌟 So, week four of my LPC journey u_law is almost over. This week has been a difficult one. For the most part I have been lacking in motivation, I have been tired from working and I have acquired an attitude of 'I can't be bothered with anything apart from watching the TV'. 😂 Because of this, over the past couple of days I have been worrying. Worrying that I might fall behind, that my MOCK assessment won't be submitted by the deadline, and that I'm not allowing myself to learn and really take in what I'm studying ready for my exams. However, today I have decided that I WILL catch up! I WILL submit my assessment on time! I WILL focus more on my studying rather than on the TV! I'm here, at my desk. I have a good cuppa, I have some snacks, and I'm pushing through my lack of motivation and tiredness. One bad week is does not define the whole entirety of my LPC. Time to whip myself into shape and get cracking on my studies once more! #legal #law #student #lawstudent #studentsofinstagram #ulaw #ulawmanchester #studygram #motivation #blog #blogpost #bloggersofinstagram

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