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⭐ Revision ⭐ Revision season has started. In approximately 4 weeks, I have a Wills exam and an oral Interviewing exam. ...then BLP in March 😬 I have completed an Interviewing mock, which was nerve-racking to say the least! I managed to pass the mock; however, this was a scraped grade and I have a few things to work on before the real thing. Note to self: 🔮 Be more confident 🔮 Don't break character 🔮 Question, Question, Question!! I've never really felt too worried about exams prior to the LPC but I'm definitely worried about these, BLP in particular. (Very common among LPC students, honestly 😅) The real work starts now! Lets hope it goes well. STUDENT MODE: ON #ulaw #ulawmanchester #law #lawstudent #studentsofinstagram #studygram #legal #legalblog #bloggersofinstagram #revision

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