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🌟 BLP Exam Prep 🌟 Me: (Week 1 Partnerships) .. this isn't too hard, i think I'll be fine. It isn't much different to the LLB. Open book exam, EASY! Me: (Week 16 Incorporation) .. I HATE UNI, I'M GONNA FAIL 🤬. I don't want to sit this exam, there is too much to learn, I DONT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING! There is too much prep to do, open book exams are the WORST! Anyone else feeling this way!? 😅 The BLP exam is tomorrow .. How I have prepped: 🔮 Completed every Test & Feedback (Prep & Consolidation). I have copied all of these onto a word document and printed them, then put them in a smaller file so they are easily accessible for my MCQ's. 🔮 Re-watched all of the pre-recorded lectures & printed the i-tutorials, to read over today. (Back to Basics) 🔮 Re-wrote all my messy notes & organised my workshop file. Ensuring to tab any exemplars that may be helpful & any templates for the Tax calculations! 🔮 Tabbed up my textbooks that I will be taking into the exam (BLP is open book) so that I can easily find the necessary pages when they are relevant to a question. I hope this helps anyone who is having a last minute panic thinking they haven't done enough! Good luck everyone 🤞 We got this! 💪 #universityoflaw #ulawmanchester #exams #examseason #blp #lpc #studygram #studentsofinstagram

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