Live Prospectus - by the people who know us best, our students

Instagram shot by shepolinaa

What inspires my ambition to pursue a career in law? I have no particular inspirational hero in one specific person or character. Only two years ago, I could not even imagine that I will study law. Now, it has explicitly become an occupation of my life. Now, there is, of course, something that motivates me to work hard and to put all my effort into becoming a competent professional. It’s my University. I would allege that it may well replace a specific figure. I feel enormous impulse from the atmosphere which the University creates and upholds. Accordingly, I spend a lot of time there rather than going home as soon as the lectures finish. I would say, the most significant source of inspiration at the University itself are people, namely, subject tutors. I’m so pleased to contemplate how these people are devoted to what they are doing. They provide an actual example of how exciting the field of law is. Accordingly, with each day I am strengthened in the belief that I want to practice law throughout my all life, and maybe one day, I may also become a tutor who will inspire young successors of a law career. Indeed, my aspiration now is boosted by different personalities as well, e.g. enigmatic, stormy, and astute Annalise Keating, who is brilliant when it comes to legal strategy, and unflappable in a courtroom. Though, it still remains a supplementary inspiration. #Uinspire#Birmingham

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