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Today I had a lovely lie in, met a friend for coffee and have a Home Bargains trip scheduled for later☕️👭(freakin’ love homebargains 😍) — I think I definitely needed a rest and time apart from work/uni this morning. This week has been HECTIC and I feel so much better and a bit more energised after taking time out for myself! The #workguilt is real though and I always feel like I should be studying...but in reality that’s impossible so I’m going to do an hour or so now, enjoy my home bargains trip, then crack on with more uni work later this evening 📚📚 — I hope everyone has a lovely Saturday, whatever you’re up to😊✨❤️ #lawyer #law #lawstudent #student #uni #unistudent #lpc #masters #legal #trainingcontract #ulaw #study #studying

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