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Advocacy done✅ Can you tell by my mood I think it went well??😅So glad it's over now!🙌🏻 I have to admit the LPC has helped me so much with my fear of public speaking and presenting. I would always get very anxious in workshops when asked to answer or present and started to doubt whether I could be a good lawyer if I can't do speak up or present! 👩🏼 ⚖️ Since my interviewing and advocacy workshops + mocks everything changed! Both the advocacy mock and the real exam today went really well! (don't want to jinx anything🤞🏻) If I could give one tip is ask for feedback‼️ During my advocacy workshop I stayed back and asked my tutor for feedback on my presentation even though it was a short submission and she said she would mark me competent and that was a confidence boost for me! 💫 I definitely did my best to prepare for the exam but believe me when you start your submissions you feel the adrenaline and determination to win for your client even if it's a fake one😄 Let's hope my result is as good as my mood after the exam!! 📑 To anyone who is taking the advocacy now or soon good luck you've got this🙌🏻 . . #law#exam#lawstudent#ulaw#advocacy#examseason#study#studygram#lawblog#lawschool#futurelawyer#lawyersofinstagram #instadaily#motivation

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