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For me, there are countless inspirational people in law, including Baroness Hale, Dame Fiona Woolf, and Michelle Obama, who are each incredibly brilliant in their own right. Yet, my biggest inspiration is someone I found inspirational before I realised I wanted a career in law. Kimberley Motley is an author, philanthropist, comic book writer, beauty queen, human rights activist, and international attorney. I first discovered her achievements through a TED talk, called How I defend the Rule of Law, which had a profound effect on me. This is where I learnt that she is the first foreign attorney to litigate in Afghanistan, who fought her way through a male dominated Afghan legal system, to represent the under-represented, like Sahar, age 12, who was forced into marriage, after being sold by her brother. To say that she had an overwhelming impact on me may be putting it lightly. She changed my outlook on what you can do with a law degree and her passion was contagious. Kimberley Motley is one of the reasons why I pursued my GDL at the University of Law. Although I have never met her, I am grateful to her every day for setting an incredible example for me to pursue my law degree. She made me realise the capabilities of law are endless, when you are using the rule of law to protect morality. She inspires my career goals because she represents values that motivate me to do more pro-bono work and to become the lawyer I want to be. She promotes the law to everyone, that regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, nationality – everyone has a right to be represented. For these reasons and more, she inspires my career goals. She truly is one of the most inspirational people in the world. Thank you Kimberley. Please watch her TED talk: #Uinspire #London u_law

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