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CPA exams and professional skills exams are complete!!! It’s been a crazy 6 months with the sheer amount of content, exams and assignments that I’ve had to complete: ✅Legal writing ✅Practical Legal Research ✅Wills ✅Solicitors Accounts ✅Interviewing ✅Advocacy ✅Drafting ✅Business Law and Practice ✅Dispute Resolution ✅Real Estate ✅Professional Conduct and Regulation I’m beyond exhausted and my brain is fried because 4 hour long written papers are not a joke. 📝However, I feel proud that I’ve managed to get through all of this work alongside working part time and volunteering for a charity that’s really close to my heart. Something that I didn’t share is that back in January I had a COVID death in my family and it was really tough for me to cope with along with my studies along with my emotional stress. Though I’m so relieved that I managed to push through... For any of you considering the LPC I definitely recommend taking a break beforehand if you can because it’s extremely full on and it’s easy to burn out so do take care of yourself in the process because it’s a huge financial and time commitment. There’s a lot more working involved than on the law degree (LLB). ⚖️ Looking forward to starting my electives on Monday which are IP, M&A and Commercial Law. I’ve also got to start working on my two MSc coursework assignments in the coming days which will be challenging but enjoyable. 👩🏻 💻 At some point I’ll also be sharing a post on how I studied for the CPA exams so be sure to ‘save’ that post. 😌 #lpc #ulaw #lawyerinthemaking #lawyerlife #lawyersofinstagram #solicitor #commerciallaw #commerciallawyer #law #legal #legalstudies #lawstudent #lawyer #studygram #lawstudentblog

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